Expert Panel: How to start a small business or a start-up – the useful resources, tools and advice.

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Share your experience about how you developed an idea for the business or a business from scratch and what were the things, people, tools that helped you.

What resources are most useful and helpful when starting a business?

The suggested length is 200-1000 words

Setting up a business is difficult! You understand the struggle if this applies to you. Any experience counts and can make or break a successful start-up and one that fails due to lack of expertise. Thus, no matter how great the small business idea is with no expertise, it will be challenging but not impossible to start a business. That expertise can come from multiple sources such as a business advisor, books, webinars, podcasts, the Web in general, etc. There is a lot of excellent learning content on starting a business, business plan template, and writing a business plan, including here on Expert Circle.

So we are assembling a panel and hope you will contribute your content!

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