Expert Panel: how to contact recruiters

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Share your thoughts on how to contact recruiters without being awkward.

Now when the world is opening up again people start looking for new opportunities and reaching out to recruiters is one of the more effective ways to get some good offers and make things happen.

Please share your advice on what are the best ways to reach out and make a good impression.

How to contact recruiters: tips and advice to help candidates find a new great job

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A lot of candidates start by updating their CV and applying for jobs using job boards and LinkedIn, however that doesn’t bring the expected results. Only a good recruiter would be able to help them with their CV highlighting the best features and experiences before applying. Only recruiters know what is joining on on the job market and can provide the best advice on how to make the right move to the right company on the best terms.

So we decided to reach out to professionals and to help candidates find their way to their dream job!

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