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Expert Circle Consultancy and Services

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Business Owners who want to dramatically improve their business growth and performance and get qualified leads for sales without hiring a full-time Marketing Director.


There are so many businesses that are struggling with their growth, aligning sales and marketing right now even though they have fantastic products and services and can really change peoples’ lives.


But they are struggling because they can’t generate and convert leads into paying clients on a regular and sustainable basis using just sales efforts.


Over the last 18 months, I worked closely with the market leaders and sales specialists from companies GetResponse, Rippl, Zoho, Outbrain to develop a framework that delivers results without a need to hire a full-time marketing director but helps you greatly increase your market presence, growth and generate leads.


This framework equates to the following: Sustainable and long-term sales and marketing growth plan that your team can implement and succeed.


I am genuinely passionate about helping people and businesses master their commertial processes so thay convert into sales/growth.


Here are the common mistakes I see businesses/business owners making:

Leaving marketing to their executive assistant or hiring a too junior person to handle it.
Investing time into social media for the sake of it, without a goal and get disappointed with results.
Not leveraging existing connections (clients, network, former clients etc)
Not working to aling their sales and marketing to deliver results and conversion.


My observation is that most business owners underestimate the power of marketing for business growth and as a tool to help sales convert leads.


How much money do you think you could make if more people knew about your services?


For some people, it’s at least thousands of pounds, for some a lot more!


Not only that, there are people and businesses out there who desperately need you, your products and your services. It’s your duty to serve them by investing in your business growth now.


Expert Circle Businesss Growth made easy. It is THE PLACE where business owners obtain the best marketing framework tailored to their business and the market they serve.


Every single month our clients get a Business Growth Kit that helps them with business development and growth without hiring a marketing director just using their internal resources under our caring eye/supervision?


Who is the Business Growth Kit for?


Business owners who want to properly kickstart their commercial activities but can’t afford a full-time marketing director or a marketing department
Businesses who are ready to grow their market share and brand awareness
Companies who seek to engage new clients and build relationships ahead of a sales call
Business owners who what to engage their team to make the best out of their marketing efforts

We have two packages for you to choose from, that have been designed specifically to meet your needs, depending on your current marketing budget and skill level.




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Larysa Hale
Nov 07, 2021
This is a fantastic offer!
It is a great offer to help you grow your business

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