Book Club

Self-development and business books are your passion? Find book reviews of the greatest books to learn about the reading before committing. Also, meet people who enjoy the same kind of books as You. Use Expert Circle’s tools to post your own reviews and help other readers. The Expert Circle's Book Club is a book club for entrepreneurs who want to network while connecting and learning from like-minded people. What is Expert Circle's Book Club is about:
  • It showcases extraordinary books, those that make a particular impact in the field of business and self-development, which demonstrate an innovative approach in how they work alongside the business.
  • The books featured are from recognised authors who help to make the change and create a vision
  • Expert Circle`s writers are also readers rather than just readers; we read every book before writing the book review and recommendations.
When professionals get together to discuss a book they: • Improve relationships • Engage in powerful conversations • Invest in their own professional development • Clarify their thinking • Challenge their assumptions

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