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Expert Circle platform receives 300,000+ page views per month with 100,000+ UMV located across the globe (primarily in the UK, EU, US and Australia).

It is an epic platform to share your expertise in the field of Marketing, Sales, Business Management and Leadership on whilst exposing your personal or professional blog/website or social media profile.

Are you a coach or consultant?

Welcome to Expert Circle – The place where you can 

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– Position yourself as a Thought Leader, an Expert in your field
– Generate warm and engaging leads that easily convert to sales.

Publish you branded content and reach your goals!

Benefits of posting Branded Content on Expert Circle:

High Back Traffic

Increase website domain authority

Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility

Build connections and credibility in your industry

Branded content is a form of guest posting, it is one of the most popular SEO strategies that every company should utilise as a part of their content marketing efforts. It will give you a stage to showcase your expertise and valuable ideas/knowledge.

This also helps you and your business in building relationships with market leaders and increasing your audience.

Articles on Expert Circle should have a broad appeal across the Business Professionals and Thought Leaders and fit into one of the following categories:


Articles related to all aspects of marketing offline and online aimed to help our readers with tips, ideas and best practices.

Business Management

We accept content about all aspects of business, from admin and to HR and Recruitment, content about startups and funding etc


Articles related to all aspects of sales and e-commerce aimed to help our readers with tips, ideas and best practices.


 Articles that explore the complexities of leadership in big and small teams or organisations.

One of the key aims of Expert Circle as a content marketing platform is to make best practices and expertise shared by our experts available to a wide readership.

Essential information

Original content (content copy should not be duplicated from another website or publication)

Articles should be 500-1500 words in length.

Please add one relevant link (eg. to the website or to your blog)

We will request your logo and will mark the content as Sponsored by