Larysa Hale

Larysa Hale is an Award-winning executive with over 12 years of experience in marketing and business management.

Larysa is a founder of Expert Circle, a thought leadership platform that reached over 300k views in just six months from the day it was launched in January 2021. Now Expert Circle expanded its offer to business growth consultancy and services.

Larysa specialises in business growth, digital marketing growth and helps her clients get in front of people and win business, build business and professional profiles to increase credibility and position oneself as a thought leader. With Executive MBA, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and a PhD under her belt, she managed to build a 20k network of professionals in the UK and worldwide.

She has a proven track record of scaling a start-up business from a valuation of £200k to over £4m and readied for VC investment; delivering content marketing strategy which results in businesses being featured in Forbes, Reuters, Bloomberg, FT, Daily Mail, CITY A.M., The Law Society Gazette, CNBC, The Banker, Global Recruiter.

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