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Post V-Day, what next?

As V Day takes place across Europe, the symbolism of this day is taking on a new meaning, for people across the continent. On the one hand, Putin looks to position the special operation as being to defeat Ukrainian fascists, whilst in Ukraine, the parallels with history are clear, the...

Hate speech on social media – voice of the bullies?

Hate speech on social media – voice of the bullies?

Few days back, as I was researching hashtags for a marketing campaign based on the LGBTQ+ community, tags such as #homosexuality_not_accepted, #homosexualityiswrong and #homosexualityisasin surfaced at the top of my search results. The aforementioned disturbing search result is bound to send one onto an introspective reverie, doubting the basis of...

How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams – Useful tips

How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams – Useful tips

It is important that both Sales and Marketing teams are aware of who is doing what and how the business benefits from it. I found that regular meetings worked very well for us. This is a forum where both teams are discussing what they are up to and how Marketing...

four fighter planes in grayscale photography

Why Putin wants NATO to formally join the war

Finally, Putin’s master plan is indisputable, to unite all Russian-speaking people under one Greater Russia where he rules over all of them. Countries with large ethnic Russian diasporas are to be either absorbed in through union (such as Belarus) or targeted for conquest (e.g. Ukraine). Any dissent is cracked down...

green and white braille typewriter

Should cancel culture be cancelled?

With the advancement of social media like Twitter and TikTok, it is very easy for normal people to skyrocket to fame. However, just as easy it is to become the next hot influencer, it is also easy to be “cancelled” and lose your following and platform due to cancel culture....

Peace neon signage

How long will this war last?

“Violence begets violence.” With each passing day, the military forces, resources, and equipment increase and with that, the violence intensifies. Mariupol is a humanitarian disaster, yet still, the shelling continues. Across the country, resistance is met with a brutal response, where now Russian soldiers are told to shoot civilians if...

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